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Have you found yourself with a full hard drive? In the difficult position of trying to figure out what to delete? Well some time ago I came across WinDirStat which graphically shows you your hard drive, making it extremely easy to see where you have lost all that space. A few months ago I replace my laptop and in doing so I lost the app, and I could not remember what it was called.

Well I was at a Data Mining event in London yesterday, which turned out to be a well presented event with lots of informative information and demos; I will probably post about that later!! Why I was busy listening I happened to glance to my right where a gentlemen was using his laptop which guess what, WinDirStat running. I don’t know what came over me, I just piped up saying “what’s that called where did you get it from?” I had to quickly explain to him why I was so excited. Anyway I thought i would post it here so you can have it and I have a permanent reference to it



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