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Wrong Currency in SQL Server 2005 Reports

If when you write reports against SQL 2005 Reporting services and you set a column format to currency (C0) and the output is in the wrong language eg the data displays a $ instead of a £ you can change change it in one of two ways.

You can either set the column format to to the preferred language, as shown below.



Or you can set the default language of the SQL server to your preferred language.

to check what you default language is run the below in query analyzer

sp_configure ‘default language’

If the config value is set to 0 then SQL is running in US English, to set it to UK English run the below:

exec sp_configure ‘default language’, 23

and then run


Now run sp_config again and you should see 23 as the config value as below


If you know redeploy your report to the server it will display in £, if the column is set to currency

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