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Removing Phantom Network Adapters

Well, I was up till 03:30 this morning playing with SCVMM (System centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008) and I must say I am very impressed. I had a few crashes, however, I was able to manage my Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines with ease. I could see the load, convert a vhd to a template and add to the library. All of this was without a manual. I am still playing with it but first impressions are very good.

Last night I wanted to add my WMware ESX server to SCVMM and migrate all my guests to Hyper-V (cause I love it). This was where my problems began. I successfully added the ESX as a host, but I could not get past OK (Limited) meaning that I could only carry out basic operations. Due to the fact that SCVMM could not communicate correctly with the ESX server (i.e i hadn’t configured SSH or delegated permissions) so I could not do a migration. It was about 1am and neither Google nor forums were of any help. I thought I might try and do a P2V with a virtual machine (“ha ha” I hear you say, “that should not work!”). I removed the VMware integration components and kicked off a P2V on a virtual machine which I should have been doing a V2V on.

Long story short, it worked perfectly. It even installed the Hyper-v integration components and turned on the server. Woo Hoo!!

However it had also carried over the old network adapters and when I tried to configure the new adapter it complained about having different gateways etc. So for my next task I had to remove the phantom adapters using the following method:

  1. Download the Devcon command line utility from here
  2. from the command line, navigate to the folder where the exe file is located
  3. run the following command “devcon findall =net” this will list all the network devices your computer knows about.

I had devices that looked something like this: 

PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_2000&SUBSYS_20001022&REV_10\3&61AAA01&0&88 : AMD PCNET Family PCI Ethernet Adapter

So I ran the command below to remove them, rebooted and sure enough the computer detected new hardware and installed my network card again which when configured did not error. The the network card description still said #3 but I considered that trivial for today!!

devcon remove “@PCI\VEN_1022&DEV_2000&SUBSYS_20001022&REV_10\3&61AAA01&0&88”

PLEASE note that devon is not X64 I know of no X64 tool for this.

I will be doing a real P2V today on a server 2008 running certificate services and RMS, I will report if I run into the same issue.

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