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As many of you already know ABSConfig.exe is a tool in the OCS resource kit, as many of you also know this tool has stopped working!! I have been talking to a few people @ MS and understand it is being looked at right now.

But if you are really desperate to get it up and running, try setting your servers date to anything prior to Friday the 13th. This should allow the tool to work and you can make your changes, then put the clock back. Be warned this might prevent users from logging in and or kick users as the clocks to not match. So make sure you plan for the down time!!!


some of the errors we got were:

ABS Configuration Tool – Error System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value of ’19/06/2008 01:30:00′ is not a valid ‘Value’ should be between ‘MinDate and MaxDate’


ABS is not enabled or activated on this server ( to enable set the WMI outputlocation to null)


I will let you know if I find out about a more perm fix


NOTE: There has now been a KB article issued here

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