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Why I haven’t posted for a while

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, as some of you know I have had a job change a while back. whilst I was settling down and sorting myself out that was all I wanted to concentrate on, and in addition to that I did not want to risk talking about something I shouldn’t!!

I left my previous job a while back and since then I have been working for Microsoft 🙂 specifically the Exchange Team where we are currently working on the next version of Exchange.

Even now when I try and explain what this means to me personally, words fail me it seems odd that I cannot articulate it. Technology excites me and I believe that software has the ability to solve any problem, and working at Microsoft, learning its culture and listening to the emails that pass my inbox it often strikes me that I am working with some awesome people who I am going to learn so much from and not just from a professional standpoint but from a personal one too.

So what do I do?

I am working  on the Exchange TAP you can find the definition of this on the Exchange Team blog 

So that’s what I am doing, I hope to post more over the next year so stay tuned and thanks for reading.

Hope you all have a happy Christmas and a Happy new year

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