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VMM2012–Deploying Host Machine Time Sync Issue

I am testing Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager 2012 at the moment and today I was hoping to be at the point where I had it all setup and configured to deploy a base image on a new blade server.

I have jumped through a number of hoops and hurdles to get this far some of which I have blogged about. I finally had it all setup so VMM talked to the iDRAC cards on my blades and booted the system, after a few tweaks it booted into a WinPE but afew minutes in it seemed to freeze on “Synchronizing Time” and popped a error dialogue box inviting me to read the error logs which was not that helpful as I have no ability to press SHIFt +F10.



After a quick step away it occurred to me to check both the DNS settings in DHCP and add a scope option to set a NTP time server, which I did and low and behold it worked, I can now deploy a base image. I now need to play a little more to understand how this works and my options.

The DNS servers were set to loop back, which I guess it picked up form the server as that’s the setting locally. I think that’s what fixed it but it could be the DHCP option, I will test this shortly.


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