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Passing Certificate Enrolment Traffic through TMG 2010

An issue I faced recently with deploying TMG 2010 and Microsoft Certificate Services was how to to allow traffic from one network to another for certificate enrolment, I noticed errors on servers not in the same subnet as the issuing CA indicating they could not pickup a certificate via auto enrolment.

Turning on logging on TMG 2010 I noticed the below logs from a Domain controller to the issuing CA



TMG has a rule that allows RPC traffic from the client server to the issuing CA and Root CA with Enable Strict RPC Compliance turn off

So what’s happening, well basically the domain controller is initiating traffic on RPC port 135 and the CA is communicating back telling the server to talk on port 49246, because this traffic is encrypted TMG cannot read it or understand it so drops the traffic.

What can be done?

One way to resolve this issue is to configure the issuing CA and Root CA to listen on a static port instead of a dynamic range and configure a custom protocol in TMG to allow the traffic.

Step 1.

Log into the issuing CA and run dcomcnfg.exe this will open the Component Services MMC


Step 2.

Expand Component Services, Computers, My Computer, and then select DCOM Config on the left.


Step 3.

Right Click CertSrv Request and select Properties, in the dialog box select the Endpoint tab and select Add, select the radial Use static endpoint in the box to the right input the port you wish the client servers to use to talk to the CA server. To check what the server is listening on you can run from a command shell the below.



I used 789, once you have closed the dialog boxes by selecting OK where appropriate you then need to restart the CA services


Step 4.

Now that the CA is listening on a static port or should I say telling the client server to use a static port you now need to amend your firewall rules to allow it, you will need to add a new custom protocol for TCP 789 or whatever you used.





Checking the server event log I can see it has worked.



And the TMG 2010 event logs show the same


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